Friday, December 08, 2017

AIFF 2017: On Tap For Friday

Hard decisions again.

Martini Matinee offers a good selection of shorts:  Brainstorm, Cigare, Baggage, Conspiracy PIE, Second to None, Gator Aide, Happy End, and Game.

Game is probably my favorite narrative short.  But Brainstorm is very well done too.

You can link to each program by clicking on the colored bars.

I haven't seen any Animation yet this festival, so I'm looking forward to that since I've already seen Painless, one of the features in competition.  The director, Jordon Horowitz, will be there to answer questions.  Here he is Wednesday night telling me about the film.

[Sorry,the titles in the movie disappeared.  I'll try to figure out why and fix it.] Friday, December 8








The director of AtoB Rollerski was here earlier in the week.  I'm not sure if she's still here.  Her film is about a Latvian Olympian who roller skis from Arctic to Baja.  

Muse is a feature about an artist whose muse expects a lot..

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