Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Which Alaska Senate Candidate Feeds Volunteers Best?

While there has a been a lot of attention on this race, most of it has been about the candidates and not about the issues. This post brings that discussion to a new level of triviality. Which candidate has the best volunteer food? I visited all three offices this afternoon and this was what I found.

I started near the Anchorage Campaign Headquarters center - Fairbanks Street near Northern Lights.  Fairbanks houses the McAdams campaign, the Democratic headquarters, Democratic State Legislators headquarters, and the Parnell headquarters.

Down Fairbanks St. is the McAdams office.  Doesn't look like they are wasting any money on rent.  This is decidedly down-scale.

But, what about the food? 

McAdams volunteer food looks pretty good.  


Then back to Northern Lights to the Miller headquarters.  But when I got there, I found out there were two different Miller headquarters on Northern Lights.  One for staff and another one - further down - for volunteers. 

So, back on the bike and further down down Northern Lights to this office.  

Hmmmm, there they are right between the Great Alaska Pizza Company and Quiznos.  Plus there is an Indian restaurant and a Korean restaurant just behind me and to the right.  So they should have terrific food.

Not too much here.

Now up Arctic to 36th to the Murkowski headquarters, right next to the European watch repair.

So, I walked into the door straight ahead there, but didn't see much food.  Plus there was a sign for volunteers to go next door.

Next door I found two people at a table that had a jar of hard candies.  That couldn't be all there was.  I told someone what I was doing and she took me back to where I started and found Kristin (I didn't ask her how she spelled her name, sorry if I got it wrong.)  Kristin, when she realized I was really asking about volunteer food for a blog post, was very friendly and showed me what food they had - spread out in different spots. [UPDATE:  Kristin commented to correct the spelling.  I did it two different ways, both wrong, but now I've got it fixed.  Thanks!]

So it looks like I got there at a low point and they have room for more food.  But there wasn't much out. 

She also said sure when I asked to use their restroom, where I found a bit of campaign humor.

Finally, she showed me a Murkowski trend setter - campaign bracelets.  She showed me hers and explained they were to help people remember what to write in.

I asked if they would be allowed into a polling place and she assured me that they had been approved "as long as they are kept under a sleeve" until they get into the voting booth.

That's going to be easy to monitor I'm sure. 

So, if how you feed your volunteers correlates with winning elections, and if what I saw was representative of how the three campaigns feed their volunteers, then McAdams will win hands down.


  1. Of course Scooter would have the biggest spread. Wondering how that man can do all the things he claims he does and still keep on that kindof weight.

  2. I've shaken hands with Scott, Anon@8:30. His wrists are big. He counts for 4 people, but he's probably still under the average BMI if you consider bone mass.

    But forget the candidates for a second-- who are Scott's supporters? A lot of very fit people. Who are at the former gov's rallies? Tanks and then the vehicles they drive!

  3. Hi--- it's Kristin from the Lisa Murkowski campaign! Thanks for stopping by our HQ today. Great blog!

  4. I love it!!! Scott does look like he likes his food and recognises that most people!! What better way to reward the volunteers!!

  5. Anon@8:30 - I considered speculating on the correlation between the food and the weight of the candidate, but decided not to go there. As I understand it, volunteers bring in the food. But it's also true that about 27% of the Alaska population can relate to an overweight candidate and the difficulties of losing pounds.

    Maia - I'd like to think there is some deeper meaning here, but I doubt it. But thanks.

    Kristin, Thanks. I've got your name spelled right now. And thanks for being so kind.

  6. Respectfully disagree Steve. When I see a candidate who is rather large I do not feel they are in charge over lazy or inactive. I think Scott has a fun guy personality but he strikes me as a good morning buddy to have a cup of coffee and a donut with not a senator.

    I thought that was one of those wines in a box at Joe's place.

    I am not sure what is going on over at Lisa's place with the food stuffs. Maybe they had their lunch before Steve arrived...or not.

    Interesting point Flutter about who makes up the base of the candidates. I have not met many Scott supporters however I'll believe they are fit and trim. I have seen what lingers around Joe and for the majority, (Especially that TeaParty chubby with the red lipstick) they are not fit physically just like he is not fit mentally or morally to lead. Murkowski's supporters, they are from all walks of life, all sizes and ages. Diversity is easily found at all her appearances.

    I'd hit up Scott's pre-party though. Maybe even his after election farewell since his people seem to like the appearance not the content. Look at all that food sitting in his campaign office going untouched.

    Steve did you snag some finger sandwiches and cream puffs for a midnight snack?

  7. I am guessing that most of the food is brought in by the volunteers. It speaks community to me.
    Have you ever been to a cover dish or pot luck event in a rural village? There is usually enough food to feed an army.

  8. I'm on two non-profit boards. It is always important to treat your volunteers well. The food we provide is often donated. Volunteers bring food (potluck), or if people are too shy to phonebank or canvas, they bring food to help keep up energy and spirit for those who do! Go McAdams!

    Obviously, Miller doesn't have a clue!

  9. Treat your employees like you treat your volunteers like you will treat the public.

    Two offices- keep those volunteers away from me!?!
    That is even more illustrative than the food.

    BTW- only one of those places looks like it would be fun to stop in and chat awhile- and that has nothing to do with the politics.

    The McAdams volunteer food looks REAL and Good.


    word verify boomplop- the sound Joe's campaign made.


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