Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Welcome to Sunny California

There was some light rain Monday morning and again Tuesday afternoon.  Not really enough to get the soil very wet.  But today is different as you can see in this very short video. 


  1. Hope your mom is doing ok and that the next time you come to visit, the weather is nicer. So Cal needs gentle rain, but I'm sure you'd have liked more sun.

  2. Best wishes for your mom. I'm in So. California as well, and all I'm seeing is cloud cover. What area are you in?

  3. nswfm, thanks, my mom is doing very well and I did manage a run down to the beach yesterday morning. When we moved to Alaska 30+ years ago, we quickly learned to not let weather dictate our activities.

    WakeUp - thanks for the good wishes, I'll pass them on. We're near the Santa Monica Airport and the downpour is over and the street's almost dry.

  4. And I thought I lived on the "Wet Coast"


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