Thursday, October 07, 2010

Salmon No Brainer

My mom wanted us to pick up some stuff from Costco near Marina Del Rey on the way back from our bird watching outing (more on that later). I saw the Alaska salmon and then I saw the Atlantic farmed salmon.

When the quality is better and the price is lower, does the shopper even have to think?

By the way, the bottom line on the Atlantic salmon sign says "Color added through feed"


  1. I fish for my own silvers, but if the weather's bad or the relatives from the L48 are monopolizing all your time off, Sagaya's is a good bet.

  2. Some people think the farm raised fish are more sustainable, despite the need to feed these fish meat, the pollution from the pens, and the fleas infecting the native fish

  3. Well, I don't care with the colour as long as it is not very extreme. Anyway I don't pay too much attention it seems. Last friday I had a secondary school alumni meeting in my former class and the headtecher complimented a girl how nice her new hairstyle is and I hadn't realised it despite we are in the same faculty at university. I asked her when it was changed and she said: in June!!!


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