Monday, October 04, 2010

LA Rain for Hospital Visit

We got up early (for me anyway) to take my mom to St. John's for minor elective outpatient surgery.  When I looked outside I saw the street was all wet.  We've traveled by car in the last two weeks from Alaska to Vancouver, spent almost a week in Vancouver, and now we're in LA and it's raining.  We did have a bit or rain in Canada, but this is sunny California!  Well, they need the rain here. 

St. John's hospital is pretty close to where my mom lives and turned out to be a very nice hospital - it looks as good if not better than Providence in Anchorage.  We had to drive up to the front door to let my mom out and the parking there was valet parking.  No time to argue or go look for a space on the street, just relax and enjoy it.

It was all easy and efficient and people were very helpful and friendly.  I had my iPod touch with me and there was free wifi so when the doctor explained stuff I could look it up and see all the details of what they were going to do.  We got to be with my mom in the prep room and then between there and the post op waiting room was the dining room where we got breakfast and waited for them to call. 

They are doing construction - seems the old building was torn down - but I couldn't hear any construction noises. 

They gave us little cards and papers with instructions and explanations.  In the post-op waiting room they have a monitor with color coded information about where your patient is in the process.

I got in to see my mom in the post op where she was already joking with the nurse and then I went out to wait to talk to the doctor. Things went fine he said. I got some hot soup for my mom in the cafeteria and she drank it (she hadn't had any breakfast) while we waited outside mostly covered from the rain for the valet to bring up the car. Now we're home and and I've just checked on the LA weather report:

So, by Thursday or Friday we might be back to Vancouver weather. 

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  1. I´m glad your mother is well.
    Raining in LA would be strange. The Blade Runner´s weather.


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