Thursday, October 14, 2010

LA - SLC - Anchorage

We biked down to Venice Beach to get in a bit of beach time before leaving.  The fog had cleared up about 11am but was coming back at 1pm already.  But it was nice being there and the sun was visible, barely.

There were flu shots available at our gate at the airport.

There was an entry for Free Public Wifi at LAX on my computer, and it checked it off, but I wasn't getting anything.  I think they want you to pay T-mobile instead.   I forgot to mention that Vancouver's Airport had free Wifi. 

The fog was pretty low at LAX.

 But we were above it in ten or fifteen seconds.  (Two people and google have told me that black spot is on my sensor and I have to open the camera and clean it.  Now I'm back home I'll take it in.  Someone else said it was easy to fix in Photoshop.  Sometimes I've cropped it out.  A couple of times I've rubberstamped it out.  Mostly I try to get it on a background where it won't show.  And it isn't always there with other light source exposures.)

This picture, according to the map in the plane, was almost at Victorville.

We landed in Salt Lake City about 8:45pm and were back in the air at 9:35pm.  Enough time to find our gate, pee, and buy a sandwich.  And take this picture. 

Flying Delta through SLC added two hours and saved $100 each compared to the LA-Anchorage nonstop on Alaska. 

Too dark and too bumpy to get a sharp shot, but here's Anchorage as we pass by to turn around and come in from the north.

People coming off the plane in Terminal B.

And for the record, there's now a Humpy's in Terminal B. 

It's good to be back and the low 30's (about 1˚C) didn't feel too bad.  But it did feel like we've been gone forever, not three weeks.


  1. Welcome back Steve. It'll be a great day for a bike ride. DZ

  2. Oh too bad you were flying over Victorville. It has been in the 90's in this part of the desert. I'll wave at your plane next time. 30's? Brrrrrrrr!!!

  3. I feel like I took a vacation while I have been reading your blog! Great to have you back!


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