Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sometime Soon

[UPDATE August 23, 2009: There was a winner who got to the site at 6:04pm tonight. He's identified himself and when I get permissions, I'll announce more. We also have to figure out an appropriate prize. Thanks to all who have moved the numbers up.]

Visitor number 123,456 will visit this site. It could be you. I have a prize for you if you are that visitor. But you have to identify yourself. The sitemeter number is in the right hand column after "About Me" and before "Labels." I can't tell your email address, so you'll have to email me to claim your prize.

If the 123,456th visitor isn't identifiable, the closest (to 123,456) identifiable visitor will win. So even if your close, keep track of your number and
email me

What's the prize? Depends on who you are and where you are. You'll have to tell me a little about yourself so I can figure out something from here you might like.

Oh yes, the last time, some people said they tried to win by coming back to the site over and over. But as I understand it, sitemeter doesn't record you if you come back from the same isp within a short time period. I'm not trying to boost hits, just to note a milestone of sorts.

See more at the top of the right column.


  1. Humm... That would be me.


  2. Darn I was 123,453. Congrats to the winner.
    Sue in Kansas

  3. three in the morning over here in London--didn't have a chance...

    just sign me, sore loser! never win anything. life isn't worth living anymore...

  4. jay in uk - consider yourself lucky - in your case the prize would have been ten thousand Alaska mosquitoes and Alaska aphids dripping from all the trees you walk under.

    And thanks to all of you who added to the up to 123,456 and beyond.


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