Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Our Early Spring

A warm spell at the end of April and beginning of May really woke things up early. I posted shots of early green poking up a few days ago. And now there's more. It was only May 5 when I got this picture of the greened up birch. It was a bit cooler yesterday and the clouds are in today. So the trees may stay in suspended animation until it warms up again and the leaves fully pop out. But this is definitely one of the earlier displays of birch green in our 30 + years here.

Some sedum peeking out.

The thalictrum is spreading. This one will get to about five feet high. But the aphids love it so I have to water them off frequently. Last year they stunted it significantly so I'll be more vigilant this year. The plant can take a pretty strong stream of water - enough to get the aphids off.

I don't know how this rose got here. It's not an Alaska wild rose, it's a 'real' rose. But it hasn't bloomed over four or five summers.

And the iris are rapidly growing too.

And it sure seems like there isn't much snow left on the mountains. This was May 4. The ADN says that 'snowfall season to date" is 93.4 inches and "Snowfall normal month to date" is 69.5 inches. I remember there being snow on the mountains all the way until fall, but my old photo albums aren't dated well and a 2007 late August digital picture doesn't show any snow at all.

And I finally got close to some Canada geese.

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