Monday, May 25, 2009

Morels are Back

Our backyard seems to produce more morels each year. Or maybe we're better at finding them. I spotted a total of about ten this morning.
Alaska is a great place to find mushrooms, many delicious. When we first discovered the wide array of mushrooms in Anchorage (a particularly rainy summer) we also discovered mushroom field guides. So I would warn that there is something called a false morel that you shouldn't eat. I'm not sure they grow here but know your mushroom before eating. From the Missouri Department of Conservation:

Every mushroom hunter should be familiar with the three most dangerous groups of fungi. These are the amanitas, the false morels and a catch-all category known as little brown mushrooms (LBMS). Mushrooms in these groups cause virtually all the fatal mushroom poisonings in the United States, with amanitas alone accounting for 90 percent of mushroom-related deaths. The pictures and descriptions on the following pages will help you avoid them.

But we also learned that summer, that "poisonous" in mushroom books is often a euphemism for "halucinagenic". But even they can make you pretty sick if taken in too large a dose. For two different recommendations on Amanitas, check out a post from two summers ago. It's down in the middle of the page. You can't miss the bright red mushrooms.

It seems morel hunting is becoming a popular sport. Here's a northern Michigan site with lots of morel information.

And here's a morel recipe page. Some of these recipes would seem to totally hide the flavor of morel with batter. I agree with the "less is more" approach. Saute some onion and garlic in little olive oil, then add the morels.


  1. Steve, for all the time I have been following your blog, I have come tothe coclusion that you are a morel man for 3 months out of the year. Would you say that this is true?

  2. Thanks for the shroom update--the links were helpful.


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