Monday, May 18, 2009

J's Bike Accident Update

J was hurt more than the first call indicated, which I didn't learn till his roommate called after 9pm here. He spent last night in the hospital for observation. Everything should heal fine, but he's got some adjusting to do. Broken clavicle, four broken ribs and lots of abrasions. But he had his helmet on and his head and neck are fine. It turned out a car swerved onto the highway shoulder and hit him from behind. He went onto the hood and ended up about 20 feet away. But there were lots of people around. And help apparently was there fast. Then I had to find my wife - J1 - in Seattle and then I worked on changing J1's ticket from Seattle to LA into Seattle-SFO-LAX.

I won't bother you with details, but I had to call AK airlines at 4am when they open, but their solution was about $250 more than I eventually could do myself online. And my body is numb with the possibilities of what could have happened. As it is he could go home today or tomorrow. He'll just have sling so his arm doesn't weigh down on his clavicle.

So, knowing J1 should be with J this afternoon, I'm here at the "Business of Clean Energy in Alaska Conference" now, later than I intended. And if you ever wanted to visit Alaska, today is the day. The weather is spectacular. And I was glad I could bike downtown away from traffic here in Anchorage.


  1. Good to hear J is OK Steve. That sounded like a parent's worst nightmare type call.

  2. Oh dear. I felt my stomach drop to my feet when I read this.

    }}}}} I'm sending him healing vibes! {{{{{


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