Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Understanding of Torture Debate

The xray tech said he couldn't interpret for me, but it was pretty clear the finger the socket wasn't where it belonged.

After medication to numb it, the doctor pulled the finger back into place.

There's also a tiny crack, so my finger's been immobilized. He called this a buddy wrap - two fingers together. The typing isn't good, but using one finger on on my left hand and the right normal, it's better than I expected.

But I think there may be more pics and fewer words for a while.

Hit a crack in the sidewalk running. And don't tell me what they did in Gitmo et al wasn't torture. I have a new respect for pain. Fortunately I was a couple of houses from home when I fell.


  1. Just another case of exercise being bad for your health! But in the arena of life-lessons, think too of what it would mean to have had this injury without insurance cover.

    Patch up quickly, Steve.

  2. Pictures are good. Heal well (and be happy your finger has a buddy to see him through this ordeal.)

  3. That's not torture. Opening the bills can be, though.

    Lucky Jay in the UK, not having to deal with all that. I know, having stubbed a toe on a bus while in London. The treatment was fast, professional and free. The only paperwork was a questionnaire for foreigners about quality of service. The painkillers did cost two pounds, though.

  4. No Phil, that wasn't torture. But the pain when it happened made the defenders' distinctions between discomfort and pain moot. While we have different tolerances for pain, there's a level of pain that we all recognize. If someone were to replicate the pain I felt when it happened on a regular basis, I doubt I would have been able to hold out too long.

  5. Get better, I feel lucky to be more or less ambidextrous.

  6. I love that you're busy snapping photos of your x-rays with your good hand.


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