Monday, May 04, 2009

Cary Carrigan is Here Too

Cary was momentarily out of the studio when I took the last set of pictures, so here he is now. CC and Cary are on the air live now here:

Anchorage: 104.5 and 87.7 FM
Wasilla: 107.9 FM when it works
Kasilof: 90.7 FM

771 0205 if you want to call in.


  1. Hello, My name is Elizabeth. I was the caller freezing in my husbands truck out in the garage.
    Couldn't pick up the station on the radio's in the house or the car, or the internet.
    I can go get a better radio and probably will tomorrow! Online streaming would be much more comfortable.

  2. Hi, My name is Elizabeth, I called from the truck in the garage as it was the only radio that would pick up the station.
    Brrr, had to give up at 6 pm as I was freezing out there. Any hope of fixing the internet streaming? I keep getting this error message.

    "This site has been temporarily disabled due to a problem.

    If you are the owner of the site, please click here to correct the problem."

  3. Empish, thanks for the comments. I'm passing them on to Jeremy at KWMD.

  4. There is more, much more, to the Train Station to Nowhere story.

    An enterprising blogger could dig into the Colorado Rail Car Corporation and it's former CEO Tom Rader, as well as its former lobbyist D.R. Gibson.

    Why did Rader resign ?

    What's happened to CRC ?

    What about the DMU's that the AK Railroad purchased from CRC ?

    The demise of CRC and Tom Rader's role is a story that hasn't been told yet.

    With roots in Alaska, Rader and his role in the demise of CRC has prominently been ignored by bloggers and the MSM.

  5. I recall reading a lengthy article on him. I thought it was the ADN, but couldn't find it in a quick google search. Not sure he's connected with all the other questionable stuff or if he is his own strange story that just got connected because of the railroad issue.

  6. Try opensecrets and legistorm to start.

    Trimet in Oregon and the Fun Train in Florida would be a good start.

    The money spent on Sheffield's train station was peanuts compared to the subsidies steered to CRC via Gibson and Don Young when he was still looting the House Transportation Committee.

    But don't listen to me, I'm just a schlub, eh ?

  7. Last night I got the signal up, but still not the very clear audio I would have liked on the Eagle River 92.5 signal. But the signal is pretty strong. Steve asked me to post information on how the telephone calls were placed on KWMD. I wrote the below for the Prometheus Radio list server. If you don't know about Prometheus, you should. Telephone calls were not taken via the small box in the above photo, but instead were taken via software access to a software telephone PBX at Mammoth Music. Here is what I wrote for Prometheus: -> We did our first call in show with three studio participants and using Asterisk
    (Trixbox) free software PBX conference room as the "phone hybrid" and it seems to
    have worked.

    We had one computer running a software telephone. I used Zoiper Biz on a PC. I
    called into the conference number. We announced the same number on the air. We
    could have called into or out on Zoiper to conference lines locally, or used another
    number to screen calls, but did not on this show. Keep It Simple Stupid for the
    first show.

    Zoiper out ran to one channel of the stereo mixer, which also had microphones into
    it. The Zoiper out also went to an amplifier with a small loudspeaker. The loudspeaker
    allows guests to hear callers without using headphones.

    The mixer output with mics and telephone went to another computer with a streaming
    encoder which went to air.

    The mixer channel with microphone only went to the Zoiper phone input, so callers
    could hear studio guests.

    The Asterisk is connected to a co-operating business that has a partial T1 with 8
    PRI trunks. We looked at the conference control panel to watch callers appear.
    We could see their caller ID. We could bleep vulgar words (did not need to) by muting
    the on air stream player. The stream took 30 seconds to get from the studio to
    air, so there would have been plenty of time to react.

    Bloggers helped to promote the show. We had a max of 4 trunks tied up. Callers
    were polite and we did not need to mute them (a control panel function) so they spoke
    up one at a time.

    So, this is one way to not spend bucks on a telephone set up, and it seems to be
    OK, if a bit klutzy.


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