Thursday, May 07, 2009

CC Back on air Friday - 4pm KWMD

There was enough positive response to Monday's broadcast on KWMD (picture includes CC, Jeremy of KWMD, and Cary Carrigan at Monday's broadcast)that CC will be back on the air tomorrow (Friday) at 4pm, with a special guest(s). Not sure where they will be broadcasting from this time, but you can hear it on:

Anchorage: 104.5 and 87.7 FM
Wasilla: 107.9 FM when it works
Kasilof: 90.7 FM

And this time the Eagle River translator should be working too:

Eagle River 92.5

4pm Friday, May 8

Call in at 771 0205.

This could become regular if enough people listen and call in. There's even been interest in linking in from a radio station outside of the general Anchorage/Matsu/Kenai area. And they are working on the streaming too, but probably it won't be up for tomorrow.

In some ways this is something of a breakthrough for Anchorage audio media. Bloggers have broken the dependence on a publisher. CC mentioned Monday how dependent a radio person is on a station to give her airtime. KWMD is still radio, but it's a non-commercial community station that should be doing this sort of thing. But it also used internet technology plus it had a group of blogs publicizing the fact that CC would be on so that interested listeners could catch it.

People have been doing video-blogs and podcasting for a while now, but we haven't had (to my knowledge) any regular video-bloggers covering key issues in Alaska. (OK, I'm sure they are out there, so let me know. I do know about the video guys in Juneau - can't find them right now but they make funny videos - but that's slightly different from what I'm talking about.) Let's see how this evolves. Meanwhile, in a post Monday, I mistakenly posted a photo of a piece of equipment and said it did the phone calls. (I thought it was lighting up whenever a call came in. So it isn't just in other languages that I can get into trouble by making assumptions.) Jeremy has done a long comment on that post explaining in technical detail how the phone calls were handled. I told him at least two people would be interested.

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  1. A huge THANK YOU to Patti Higgins who sent out an e-mail to those of us on the Alaska Democratic Party's website, letting us know about CC!

    Yes indeed we will be listening!

    Lauren in Anchorage


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