Sunday, December 17, 2017

LA Poster Edged - Comics, Costco Liquor, Burmese Halal, and Skateboards

It seemed like the comic store would like better after a Photoshop poster edge filter was applied.  And then it seemed the whole day would look better that way.  I'd note they had 20-40% off on all the graphic novels.  I'm enjoying The Last Man credited to Brian K. Vaughan, writer; Pia Guerra, penciller; José Marzán, Jr., inker on the cover, and inside Pamela Rambo, colorist, and Clem Roberts, letterer.  I'm sure it will get its own post.

The filter did enhance it the store, but the poster edge filter not obvious in this photo.

Again, it's not obvious to the average person in this shot of a couple of graphic novels.  But look close at the wood and the background.

But you should be able to notice the effect on our lunch at a Burmese/Indian Halal restaurant, called Jasmine, on Sepulveda near Washington.

The Costco liquor department had some eye-popping prices.  Maybe I'm not looking carefully in Anchorage where the liquor department is separate from the rest of the store and I don't usually go in.  In this Costco it's right in the middle of everything else.

And this Saturday afternoon's shot at the Venice Beach Skateboard Park also seemed to be begging to be poster edged.

[As you can tell, I'm avoiding more current event posts for a bit.  Not because I don't think they're important and not because I don't feel strongly about the issues.  But it takes time to say something that everyone else isn't saying and that is also useful.  Like how to at least make Lisa Murkowski feel a tinge of guilt as she votes for the 500 plus page so called tax reform bill that she and others really won't read first that surely includes all sorts of hidden gifts and thefts will only learn about later.  Though reporters say things like "most people will get a tax cut until the middle income tax cuts expire in five years,"  what they don't say is that other costs - health care, child care, insurance, and countless other necessities - will go up and people will pay more on those things than they will gain in their tax cuts.]


  1. You said, "As you can tell, I'm avoiding more current event posts for a bit...." This is probably how Fascism works, the wearing down of people's resistance/attention to it. George Orwell said Totalitarian regimes bank on people too involved with their (selfie) screens to bother looking up.

    Already too many decisions (like the Senate 2 AM voting on a tax bill nobody has read and no hearings allowed and the judges who have been appointed, the threat by McConnell to now allow Jones to take his seat before the next tax vote) are under the radar for most people. 1/3 or more of Americans are enthralled by a Strong Man (who will "make it all better" like daddy did), the toxic cult of White protection, hatred of The Other and just plain meanness to care what freedoms they lose -- as long as they can stick it to the Libtards. So much revenge out there is frightening.

    And a man-child who take the earth hostage to get revenge on petty slights is no small matter. I lived through the Cold War & the Cuban Missile Crisis and expected The End then. I only hope I live long enough to see this crisis, as well, resolved or at least dialed down... The pendulum usually swings back, but this time feels different: governmental checks and balances, the Rule of Law, now seem impotent...

    Trump's regime will thrive on our fatigue -- and set up more voter suppression, elimination of environmental protections, etc. Counter suits by organizations against Trump's decisions are dull fare for most people. And the number of pleas for $$$ coming into my Inbox has become spam. Ditto petitions, altho I usually add my name. It's the least I can do. And I have to protect my health: how can I dwell & stress out on so much I can do nothing about? -- esp. since I live in Canada... I grieve for my birth country.

    And now the distraction of the holidays -- expect a load of crap (even Mueller's firing)...and who will "take to the streets" and neglect their families and festivities?

    Anxiety -- any strong emotion -- can only last so long -- and then, we adjust to it. Should we? How can we not?

    Hope is beginning to feel so feeble. But this is a marathon, not a sprint. Courage, mes braves.

  2. And here it is -- I just opened this 9:15 AM EST ...

    Rep. Jackie Speier says there is a rumor on the Hill that Trump plans to fire Robert Mueller on December 22nd while Congress is in recess.


  3. Poster edges is a great filter -- most of the rest are useless as they look contrived, but PE can be toned down to almost nothing, but it still provides some grit for the photo. :D

  4. And you have picked up the ball for me while I was taking a break. Thanks.
    I do think there is a difference between distraction and re-energizing. If we're simply finding ways to escape our problems so we don't have to deal with them, that's distraction. And there is also distraction that is intended to keep us from noticing more important things - like many of the insulting Tweets. But exhaustion is also a problem and we need to renew ourselves by enjoying our families and the beauty around us, and by physical exercise, so we can get back into the fight.
    Just so long as we stagger our breaks and carry on for each other - as you have done with your comments on this post.

  5. You are energizing me with your California trips & pics.

    I was born in La Crescenta, CA and lived in Santa Barbara/Montecito, too. I grieve for the fire threats to beautiful Montecito! and all the other places that have been destroyed. WHERE IS THE NATIONAL GUARD? eh, Trump?


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