Saturday, December 09, 2017

AIFF2017: Pale Blue Dot - Audience Reaction

I saw "Pale Blue Dot" last week and it plays again

Today (Saturday, Dec. 9) at 
2:30pm in the 
Alaska Exp Theater

 I think I'd rank it right after "The Drawer Boy" among the best features that I've seen.

It takes place in rural India and middle aged man, happily married with a son he loves, gets distracted by the idea of death after several friends and relatives die unexpectedly.  I communicated with the director Girish Mohite via Facebook before the festival.  He told me it was based on a Hindu legend and was about death and the meaning of life.  I was a little concerned about it being too abstract and esoteric, but it turned out to be a charming movie with interesting characters.  It's also a way to take a 90 minute trip to rural India.

 I posted about the legend and included the trailer last week.

Girish had asked to tell him how it was received, so I asked audience members if they would talk about it as they came out of the theater.  Here's what they said:

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