Wednesday, December 06, 2017

AIFF 2017: Thursday Options

Here's what Thursday's program looks like - some hard choices to make.

Thursday, December 7






Firs Choice, the first three.  Haven't seen the Feature (Don't Come Back...), click on the pink/purple bar and get the description.
Global Village Shorts has some great shorts ranging from funny to sad to inspirational.  You can't go wrong with this group.  The benefit of shorts is that if you don't like one film, it will be over soon and you get another chance.  There's a comedic look at the problems of adultery (7 Beds - Spain), and then Pastries (Italian) looks at how stereotypes and tender egos lead to problems.  Real Men Don't Cry  is a father/son ice hockey story from Spain.  Yochi (Belize) is a bit of an advocacy film, but done well, brothers, poverty, the how the  international trafficking in wild birds exploits poverty.  Good story, well done.  Good Luck Orlo (Slovenia/Croatia) was the one that was a little hard to follow, yet it was well done.  Here's a link to the film's website which clarifies things.  And The Geneva Convention (France) was probably my favorite.  A group of teens ready to attack one guy, and the mediators.  Well done.
Obviously, I really like the Global Village program.  I don't think you can go wrong with that one.

Click on the colored bars above for more info on the films.

I haven't seen the Short Docs 3 program, but I know there are good films there and it's probably where I'll be at 8:15.

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