Friday, October 01, 2010

VIFF 1: Vancouver International Film Festival Day 1

It just happened that the VIFF started yesterday and so we took advantage to go see a couple of films since we're here.  Get my juices flowing for the Anchorage International Film Festival in December.  Coincidentally I got the a message  this morning that the Anchorage Festival submissions are in and the official selections will be announced before too long.

This post will be mainly pictures and I'll try to get up some comments on the two movies we saw yesterday - Pink Saris and The Arrivals. 

This is the 11 am line at the Granville Venue for one of the first films to show in the festival - Pink Saris.

The theater was, maybe 1/3 full for this Thursday morning offering.

Since it was such a spectacular day, we picked at 4:15 movie as our next event and walked over the bridge to Granville Island.  That gave us 3 hours outside walking around.

Our tickets for The Arrivals - a French film that follows asylum seekers in the Paris office - were definitely low tech.

And as we made our way to the SkyTrain, we passed the main theater again which had a long line for the evening shows.

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  1. hey man check out some of the movie reviews i made from the VIFF...great movies so far dont you think


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