Sunday, October 03, 2010

Vancouver to LA

It was cloudy when we got up Saturday morning in Vancouver, after almost a week of mostly sunshine.  And it was sunny again when our plane was ready to take off. 

This picture is for Donal who lives in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and has been following the trip to Vancouver.  We've just cleared 10,000 feet here and we're headed over the southern tip of Vancouver Island.  You can't be too far away. 

On the left is Washington State, USA.    On the right is British Columbia, Canada. 

The Olympic Mountains in Washington State.


 A sometime reader from the Oxnard area confirmed on another trip to LA that these were the Channel Islands.

Fog is starting to roll in over the LA beaches as we bank inland.

The Goodyear blimp.  I think it was at the Coliseum where a USC - U Washington football game was soon to start.  And to end with a last minute come-from-behind victory for the UW Huskies. 


  1. Enjoy the beach and sunshine!

  2. Steve, the last picture, with the dirigible, is my favorite: absolutely fantastic!

  3. Thanks for the photo Steve. Looks like my Island alright. You see me there waving? Hope the trip is going well. Back in the USA, eh?


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