Friday, October 29, 2010

Miller and Murkowski Trade Halloween Cards

From Lisa Murkowski:

 From Joe Miller:

As I put these up, I thought it would interesting to have a national political ad archive where people could compare what ads are being used in all the states.  (Well, you'd need a a lot of space to fit all the Murkowski mailouts that have been coming every day. The money probably could have funded ten teachers for a school year.) Murkowski's could easily be reused by other campaigns - just replace the word Alaska and put another face on the zombie Miller.   I wonder what the religious right think about this celebration of a pagan holiday by the two Republican candidates.  (Yes, I know that Murkowski isn't the official Republican candidate, but she assures us she's still a Republican and will always be one.)


  1. SWMNBN/SWWNBN is what we've been calling his mentor for a couple of years now. Is Miller really THAT clueless? I won't vote for her, either.

    Did you see the latest at Immoral Minority? The latest tweet from her tells us why we can't let her near any nuke codes.

  2. "I wonder what the religious right think about this celebration of a pagan holiday by the two Republican candidates." I wonder 2 other things about All Hallows eve in politics--
    1) It's part of a religious church holiday and why we've turned it into another mass commercial opportunity. [Murkowski is Catholic]

    2) Much of rural Alaska, and religious right, would not approve of ghosts, ghouls, witches, et al., all supposedly "Satanic" realities. So, why would Miller [Friends Church] use these to win votes? That is, some people would regard these as dangerous realities and not suitable for mocking.

  3. I used to live in Oklahoma, where the religious fundamentalist community viewed Halloween as "satanic" and strongly objected to school celebrations or activities.

    I found it ironic when, one year, I received a postcard from a local far-right republican on a Halloween theme with the message "Ooooh ..... Democrats are SCARY!!"

    I thought at the time it was based on material from the national Republican party on suggested messages ... early example of outside money funding "scary" ads rather than addressing issues.


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