Thursday, October 07, 2010

Does Lisa Murkowski's Religious Preference Matter?

I've gotten maybe half a dozen hits here from people googling "Lisa Murkowski Jew" or "Lisa Murkowski Jewish."  These people get to a post about Murkowski courting the Jewish vote.    

[UPDATE: Nov. 8 - I'm still getting people asking these questions. At least now they get to this page. If that's how you got here, please, leave a comment below or email me explaining why you wanted to know?]

Sitemeter offers a lot of information about people who get to this site, but it's mostly about their computer's features and their location, not their motivation.

Today I got someone who asked outright, "Is Lisa Murkowski Jewish?"

Why would someone want to know that?  As a Jew whose grandparents all died in Nazi Germany, I get a bit edgy over inquiries like this.  It seems to me there are two basic categories of people wanting to know:

  • Jews  - Like any ethnic group in the US, Jews are interested in knowing about members of their group who are prominent and successful.  Some may even be ready to support a candidate because she is Jewish on the (often erroneous) assumption that she would support issues they support.  But Murkowski is not a name that most Jews would think of as likely to be Jewish.  So my guess is that the people googling "Murkowski" and "Jew" are probably NOT Jews.
  • Non-Jews - I really don't know why non-Jews would google "Murkowski Jew."  I'm sure there are good, reasonable explanations.  Maybe readers might offer some reasons to help me out here.  But I also know that there are still a lot of White Power websites out there. 

I do think that a candidate's religion can be relevant in an election.  If some candidates' religions play a strong role in their values and will impact decisions they will face as elected officials, then the public has a right to know this so they can vote for the candidates who most closely represent them.

But a candidate's religion doesn't necessarily predict how they will decide specific issues.  Not every Mormon or Catholic or Hindu follows their religious dictates faithfully.  And there are different factions in most religions that differ on important issues.  One simply can't generalize from someone's religion.  Every candidate is an individual.  We need to see the candidates' records and the stands they take.

So I'm still curious about why someone would google "Is Lisa Murkowski a Jew?"  What would it mean to these people to find out that she is or is not Jewish?  Why not just google something like:  "Lisa Murkowski religion"? 

Just for the record, Lisa Murkowski is NOT Jewish.  If you really need to know what her religion is you can check out her Wikipedia page. 


  1. Didn't Sarah Palin do this exact same thing to the Mayor of Wasilla she was running against?
    Suggesting to the evangelical community that he was Jewish?
    Like it was a 'Bad' thing?
    What is wrong with these people?
    This is what we reap when we allow these so called 'christians' to inject their religion and their religious values into our public discourse.

  2. It's the religion card; like the race card, it is thrown in to muddy the simple minds of a paranoid electorate, xenophobes to whom the exclusive issue is "Is this person just like me?" Unfortunately it is more common, and insidious, than we can possibly know. 'Teach your children well' and our world will be a better place.

  3. When I was in elementary school and high school, the smartest kids were Jewish. The most talented ones were Jewish. I am slowly converting and loving the journey. If a candidate is Jewish, I am never let down in my stereotype: they have already thought out their arguments and speaking points. If they endorse someone, they have vetted them. They are slow to anger and thoughtful in their responses. It has to be cultural and 5,000 years of DNA knowing that "this" isn't the end of the world.

    Editions Jewsserve one god and two worlds while the rest of humanity serves many gods and one world. If Lisa is a Jew, or perceived as one, that is another reason to like her.

  4. My guess is there was a mention in the press, last month, that Murkowski was at Beth Sholom...

  5. Anons and Donal, The inquiries are all from people not in Alaska. The last one, for example, is from Phoenix. I think Alaskans know she's not Jewish.

    Anon9:08 - I could name a Jewish Alaskan politician who would destroy your theory.

  6. The reason is simple...
    There are already too mnay Jews in US politics.
    Most aspire to use their cultural identity to 'help' Israel. That is most are Zionists. As the USA has pledged to be an honest broker in seeking a Middle East solution, we can clearly see that the Zionist controlled Congress for one has been rendered 'prostitutes' by the Jewish Lobby.

    Nancy Pelosi is Jewish...

    It is becoming a case of just 'who isn't?'

    The USA is sick largely as a result of the Lobby and Wall Street. 9/11 showed the hands of the same 'militant' Jewish Zionists and Cheney Bush etc... All of the strategists were Jewish also in the cover-up...

    Unfortunately, the average American is unaware of the 'evil' which the Zionists are guilty of in destroying US society...

    The past is the past but it really does seem that history is repeating itself... again and again and again.

    Zionism is sick... it warps and it kills... Zionists are Fascists...

  7. I wrote the above.
    I am not American.
    I am English but since my teens lived with Jewish people. Stayed in Poland with Jewish friends. East Eurpean Jews are still conscious and candid about the damage the Jews collectively have done to the European economy...

    It is ironic, as Nth American Jews who I guess Israeli visitors/teachers to make them 'patriotic' deny all of the shit that Jews did do in Europe...

    Russian Revolution... French revolution... First World War... Second World War... Wall Street Crashes...

    Now shafting the USA via wall Street, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank...

    I live in Japan... It is one of the only countries in the world without a 'vocal Jewish lobby'...

    But never mind, the USA state department also being controlled by Zionists ensures that Japan toes the 'official line'.

    Now the Zionist administration is campaigning against Russia for the judgement aginst Khodorovosky... Why? Because he is an Oligarch... a wealthy Jew whose financial wealth converts into political power thereby rendering Russia's anti Jewish mafia/Zionist control of Russia...

    Do the research my friend...

    Ignorance is bliss for sure... but Jews are as the most guilt-ridden people in European history... Their crimes span the continent and in fact the world...

    White Jews are only converts anyway... No moral right to anyone's land or money... yet they seek to control everything.

  8. Freedom, thanks for responding to why people google Murkowski Jew. While perhaps 50 or 60 people have googled some variation of "Is Lisa Murkowski a Jew?" you are the only one to explain why.

    Your response confirms my suspicion that at least some people are doing so because of belief in Jewish conspiracy theories. While I understand that someone could be shown the names of prominent Jews and without any real research believe that Jews thus control the world, a bit of research and common sense would show how ludicrous such beliefs are.

    There are about 13 or 14 million Jews in the world out of nearly 7 billion people. About 2.1 billion Christians and 1.5 billion Muslims. 13 million Jews. Think about just the numbers.

    Even if you quibble over the exact number of Jews, it comes out to less than 1/4 of one percent of the population. Jews make up about 2.25% of the US population. There simply aren't enough Jews in the world to have that kind of impact. But throughout history, people have found outsiders to use as scapegoats for their problems. And Jews have served that role for millenia. So, no surprise.

    I don't have the time to go through all your 'facts' here in a comment, but for one, Nancy Pelosi identifies herself as a Catholic, not a Jew. The only web source I can find who doesn't acknowledge her Catholicism (many question her beliefs, but not her Catholicism), is Jew Watch. It 'proves' that she's a Jew with 'facts' like:

    "Pelosi, is most likely a Argentine Morrano, posing as a devout Italian Catholic.

    In her younger photos, she was the spitting image of Leona Helmsley."

    As for Jews controlling US or other Banks, how would one go about demonstrating they do or don't? One way is to look at whether top bankers are Jewish. Here are the top ten banks in the US by assets.

    1. Bank of America Corp. $1,082,243,000
    2. J. P. Morgan Chase & Company 1,013,985,000
    3. Citigroup 706,497,000
    4. Wachovia Corp. 472,143,000
    5. Wells Fargo & Company 403,258,000
    6. U.S. BC 208,867,000
    7. Suntrust Banks, Inc. 177,231,000
    8. HSBC North America Inc. 150,679,000
    9. Keybank 88,961,000
    10. State Street Corp. 87,888,000

    Go through their boards of directors and show me all the Jews you find and their positions and the percent they make of all the directors.

    Yes, there are some Jews among them, but a small percentage.

    What you claim makes non-Jews seem pretty weak if they can be controlled by such a tiny percentage of the world's population. Your claim of Jewish control suggests an incredible intelligence and ability among Jews and an incredible weakness and ignorance on the part of non-Jews, if it were true.

    I know this won't affect your beliefs Freedom, but I need to respond for the record.

  9. It matters because one's background can profoundly determine one's core belief. Growing up as 2nd generation Polish on both sides of the 'religious wars', I experienced people who believed they and no one else was right, and believed they were better for it!! HA! not so! Also, thank you Steve for giving conspiracy thinking nutguy,freedom, a rational and critical thinking response. If what he says is true, then by golly!, WHERE'S MINE?!! Just think what we could do w/ all that money! Create scholarships for people in agriculture, science, technology,make water clean all over the world to stamp out diseases!! Because these theories are bogus, we Jews will continue to live our culture, believe in our G-d, have our simchas, continue our mitzvahs and have all the problems that everyone else in the world has. And in the meantime, we will continue to contribute in all the wonderful positive ways that we always have and always will. It is our commandment from G-d. It is our mitzvah to the world. I am proud and happy to have been given that responsibility. I am proud and happy to work to make my life better, so that I can help you make yours better.

  10. It Matters because the Ashkenazi Jews are Corrupt people with intention of ruling over the world and having the GOY as their SLAVES. Laugh if you will but the evidence points it all out. All of the Major Media Outlets Owned and Operated by Jews.. All of the Major banks owned and operated by Jews.. All of Hollywood pretty much owned and operated by Jews... The people who think they are the so called Ashkenazi Jews are in-FACT not Jewish at all, they were a Klan of Gypsies that converted to Judaism in Eastern Europe and claim to be of the real lineage of the Jewish people. This is a Fallacy and a Lie.

  11. I find Anonymous' (Feb 24, 2017) comment seriously flawed in its facts and in the implications of the thinking processes that lead one to hold such views. I don't have time for detailed explanation of my problems with it, but you can look at Steve's January 6, 2011 comments above for a start.


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