Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day - New Snow on Mountains

I had an appointment at 1pm for teeth cleaning at Providence, but an errand downtown.  It was almost noon, but the day was so beautiful I biked downtown.  There were lots of great pictures, but I knew that my hygienist would poke extra deep if I was late.  But I couldn't help but stop for this shot. 

My hygienist is really very cool and we give each other a bad time.  She likes to talk to me when I can't talk back.  I suggested she do a blog.  We agreed on the title, "Which tooth can you do without?"

There was a decent view of the new snow on the mountains, but I couldn't get it without including the reflections of the office. 

Then home and off to catch Rachel Maddow's show live from Anchorage at the Taproot.  More on that later.

By dark, it was raining and I suspect the snow will be a lot further down the mountain tomorrow morning. 

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  1. We have snow at Kékes (highest point of Hungary - 1014 metres) but it is not ski-season here yet.


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