Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Yesterday's Early Election Results Appear Unchanged In New Report Today

 Going through the latest report which just got posted, it appears those leading last night are still leading now.

Mayoral Race:  Bronson (12,986) is still trailing Dunbar (13,711).

Recall:  The NO vote (3,821) has increased its lead over the YES vote (3,821).

School Board Seat B:  Kelly Lessens (14,494) is still ahead of Judy Norton Eledge (13,588)

School Board Seat E:  Pat Higgins (12,549) is still ahead of Sami Graham (11,326)

School Board Seat F:  Dora Wilson (16,491) has increased her lead over Kim Paulson (11,790)

School Board Seat G:  Carl Jacobs (18,161) is still leading Elisa Vakalis (16,914)

You can see all the details at the Municipal Election Page as well as results on neighborhood elections bond issues.

You can see yesterday's results in my post last night and compare how much change there has been in the standings. 

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