Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wind Replaces Rain And Digital Spot Curse

Thursday it rained.  Friday was sunny again, but windy.  My bike ride to the beach was upwind going and downwind coming home.

Venice Beach sand wind patterns.  If you look close, you'll notice a spot on my lens.  The curse of digital cameras.  I've been noticing it, but as long as I had dark images where the spot was, it didn't show.  But yesterday I lost to the camera bad.

There was a much shallower puddle under the Santa Monica pier, but when I got out on the north side of the pier I was faced with this new gull playground.  Luckily, it was easy to bypass by going through the parking lot, though it covered a section of the lot as well.

The bike path picture is the kind where the lens spot isn't obvious.  But in the video below it's glaring.
But this short movie gives a sense of the breeze.

Finally, on the way home, the almost setting sun lit up Rose Avenue as I made my way back.


  1. so what causes lens spots? I had one for a while and Nikon replaced the lens. Now I have another one on another camera. You can remedy with selective shooting (always position the spot over something dark and complicated, never against the sky) or with Photoshop but it certainly is annoying.

  2. The internet offers some home remedies like attaching a vacuum to your lens to suck the dust out. The posts warn this could also ruin your camera. There's more than dust that could be in there.
    Here's from Canon Community and here's another from wiki-how on removing spots.


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