Monday, December 05, 2016

AIFF2016: Monday Choices Are Easy - Columbia and A Trip To Oregon To Die

From a blogger's point of view, today is the easiest of the festival - there are only two choices.  From the Sched website:

Both films are "Features in Competition."  Both are at the Bear Tooth.

Feature means it's a fictional story 55 - 140 minutes.  In Competition means they have been chosen by the programmers who selected the films that would be at the festival as one of the best and to be eligible for a prize in the festival.  One of the programmers told me that ALL of the Features in Competition this year are very good films. I would agree on that for the three I've seen.

I have more on each of these on my post about all the Features in Competition here.

You can also click on the image and get to the Sched website and the drop down menus for each film will work and tell you about the films.

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