Sunday, December 11, 2016

AIFF2016: LA Movies

Saturday and Sunday are always full of films most of the day, and this year Friday started at noon as well.  Actually, it began at 10 with a film maker discussion.  So keeping up with blogging has been tricky, even with wifi in the venues.

Saturday I saw two good LA movies, among other things.

Here are John Serpe and Tom Gould of The Happys answering questions about their film after it showed Saturday.  Their movie was about a woman who moves to LA with her actor fiancee who turns out to be gay and how she finds her calling.  I'd call this film not so much a gay film as a food truck movie.

And Jennifer Lafleur talking about No Light and No Land Anywhere.  Lafleur played the role of Tanya in that film about a woman who flies from London to LA to find her long lost father.

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