Sunday, December 04, 2016

AIFF2016: Sunday Choices From Climate Change to Auschwitz to Love

Films in competition today, not a lot, maybe there are some shorts hiding.

First Girl I Loved (Feature in Competition)  8:15pm at the Bear Tooth
"The funny and touching story of Anne Santos, who has decided it’s not worth coming out as a lesbian at her LA public school — until she falls in love with Sasha Basañez, a star athlete even more in the closet than she is."

There's a Short Docs and an Animation program at AK Experience at noon today. [UPDATE 1:15pm: Whoops, we got to the theater and found out Animation was at the Museum where we went, and the Short Docs were at the 49th State Brewing Company.  Sorry.  The rest looks right.  But going to a festival is a little like being a ball on a pool table.  You may be going to do something, but you meet a film maker, or something is full, or you go to the wrong venue, and you end up going in another direction, that turns out to be interesting.  There was one film in the animation today that I thought was brilliant - a Burmese film called My Life I Don't Want - which in very basic and simple terms tells the universal story of women.

[UPDATE January 23, 2018:  I've removed mention of a film and the video on the request of the film maker, who has removed the film from circulation.]

NANA - is a film by a granddaughter about her grandmother who died when the younger one was 11. She learns Nana had been in Auschwitz and reads her memoir.  And makes this movie.  2pm at the Anchorage Museum

Global Village is a program of short films at 3:45 at AK Experience Theater today.
At the same time (3:45pm at AkExperience) is the Holly Kane Experiment.  I'd asked one of the Feature programers about good features that didn't get into competition and he mentioned this one.

Age of Consequences is a climate change doc at 4pm at the museum.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed is a 1926 German animated silent film that will get a live musical accompaniment at the Bear Tooth at 6pm.

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