Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Moose And Me

Getting the house ready for our house sitter, I went out in the early morning dark to sweep the driveway.  I made it down and turned around to go back up the driveway and there were two moose casually munching the mountain ash right next to the driveway - less than ten feet away.  I didn't even see them until I was down at the bottom.  Obviously, they'd paid no attention to me as I'd swept the driveway, but now that I knew they were there I was less comfortable going back up the driveway.  I was just wearing a long sleeved t-shirt over a t-shirt.  No phone.  No camera.

My neighbor was starting his car across the street.  While I went over to see if I could get a ride up the driveway, a school bus, lights flashing, went by and the moose meandered off.

Here's a photoshop recreation of the scene.  Yeah Barbara, you could have done this much better.  But I'm trying to get this up before I have to board the plane.

Yes, they were really that close and were preoccupied with eating like I was preoccupied with a clean driveway.  (Just getting off the frost dust that had accumulated the last couple of days.)

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