Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stupid Google Tricks

First there was Weenie Google.

Next there was Epic Google.

Then Mr. Doob's Google Gravity

And now I've come across  Revolving Internet.

The links above go straight to websites, which are examples of people's humor and imagination on the theme of the basic google website.   Clever and unexpected enough, that I thought them worth a post when I first ran across each of them.  You can see my posts on the first three here: Mr. Doob's Google Gravity, Weenie Google, Epic Google,  and the Revolving Internet.


  1. The links really are sort of clever and unexpected variations on the normal google page and worth a click.

    But I deleted a comment from Anonymous. It seemed to me that it was a spam post, though it was from the central time zone, not a time zone 14 or 15 hours away where most such spam comes from. And it sounded like a legitimate post, except the link it had went to a site full of spam - which is what the commenter warned. So I'll let you judge: I'm reposting the comment, but I'm XXXing out the link.

    Anonymous Sunday May 26, 2012 at 7:44:00 PM AKDT

    Check this site out. Google sent me there, which appears the whole point of the site. Collecting more spammy links for some purpose. I was a little suspicious, viewed only, no clicking. Find it in google and view one of the cached versions.


    More fun with google: search the phrase " The company mentioned a ticket over a ship from Seattle to Skagway, Alaska was thirty-five dollars".

    It is all over on spam type sites. Including the site I mentioned earlier.

    This really isn't about stupid google sites, it's about spam sites.

  2. lol. That was not a spam comment. Sorry for confusing with an obviously obtuse and confusing comment.

    And it sounded like a legitimate post, except the link it had went to a site full of spam - which is what the commenter warned.

    Yes. It was suspicious, hence the suggestion to: Find it in google and view one of the cached versions.

    The purpose of the comment was to point out apparently effective ways to make google stupid. Is that an inverse stupid google trick? When one considers the efforts expended (to post tens of thousands of spam links in these aggregating sites whose apparent purpose is to host them- look carefully- the sites are nothing else) either the spammers are stupid or it must be at least marginally effective. I propose that a proxy marker for a spam site is to search for a quotation about 19th century goldseekers traveling to Skagway, a positive result indicates one of these spam link type sites. Probably the fact that this obscure quotation is now reposted all over has nothing to do with a sudden interest in Alaskan territorial history in far away time zones.

    Additional bonerfiders:

    Infrequent commenter here, but perhaps you remember some comments concerning Frederick Douglass and some possible legacy hijackers?

    Perhaps you remember some comments on those dental office spam posts from 2011.

  3. It didn't feel like spam, but I saw no redeeming value in giving that website a link. But I do understand the issue of google itself sending you to spam sites. And now - with my post today about the site that copies my posts verbatim - I'm even more touchy about all this. Glad you took my action with good spirits. I do appreciate commenters and I'm pleased you cleared this up.


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