Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sugar Shack Coffee Stand Trashed

Vandals hit the very popular Sugar Shack coffee stand at 37th and Lake Otis.  This isn't something I'd normally cover, but it's a place I pass frequently and as I rode by today I couldn't help noticing.

[UPDATE 9/10/13:  Sugar Shack reopens.]

The owner, Gary, explained what he knew.


I remember when the Sugar Shack opened.  I was telling a neighbor that I didn't see how it could survive.  Yes, Lake Otis is busy, but people would have to make left turns in the morning to get in and the afternoon traffic would make people hesitate to stop.  She looked me in the eye and said, "You don't drink coffee do you?"

Another part of my cross-cultural education.  Coffee drinkers think differently.  And boy was I wrong.  The Sugar Shack is always busy. 

This appears to be the window they broke in through.

Gary made a comment off camera that I appreciated.  Something like, we don't have problem kids, we have problem parents.

[UPDATE March 12, 2014: Viddler video replaced with YouTube.]
[UDATE October 10, 2014:  The stand was rebuilt, but now the land has been leased to Northrim Bank and they are working quickly to build a branch at this spot.  It's due to open in February.]


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