Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Luke's Teaching This Summer In Denali National Park

We met Luke at the Murie Science and Learning Center in Denali National Park last Friday.  He'd just arrived a week before and was still in training as an education intern for the Student Conservation Association.

Here's some info from the Student Conservation Association website:

Conservation Internships

For college and graduate students, as well as other qualified individuals, SCA internships provide the opportunity to learn from resource management professionals, gain tangible skills and experience, and make a substantial contribution to our natural and cultural treasures. SCA Internships are available throughout the year, in all conservation disciplines, and range in length from 12 to 52 weeks.  All positions are expense-paid and most offer insurance and education awards.  Search internship opportunities.

The SCA is also listed in a book called Best 109 Internships.

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