Sunday, May 05, 2013

UAA Hockey Coach Search Gets Saturation Coverage, Chancellor Search Was Ignored

When the University of Alaska Anchorage sought a Chancellor several of years ago, the Anchorage Daily News, as I recall, ignored the story completely.  The head of the whole campus, the dominant institution of higher education, a major economic and cultural driver of the city, the region, and state even, was searching for a CEO, and no one paid attention except a blogger and the school newspaper.

But when it comes time to hire a hockey coach and the Daily News is all over the story:

UAA names 4 finalists for hockey coach position

Corbett states his case to take over at UAA

Prospective UAA hockey coach cites work with legends   

Prospective UAA hockey coach cites work with legends

Ex-UAA assistant ready to take over Seawolves

Utica's Heenan wants to rebuild UAA

UAA puts search for hockey coach on hold to revamp committee

UAA suspends search for head hockey coach
Heenan, Brown still interested in UAA hockey job

Even the Denver Post and, gasp, the Wall Street Journal covered this search.

Say, maybe they would have paid more attention to the Chancellor search if they had realized that the Chancellor is responsible for hiring a hockey coach. 

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  1. I deleted my last post as I was getting a bit angry about the naval vessel commissioning in Anchorage. I'll leave it at that.


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