Monday, May 27, 2013

Getting Some Vitamin Z on Seattle Stop

We're in LA visiting my mom, before the PATNet conference in San Francisco.  When we were here in March we arranged for a caregiver to stay with her and we were very lucky to get someone she likes.  It's good to see how nicely they work together.

On the way we were able to get a four hour layover in Seattle and my daughter and four month old granddaughter picked us up for lunch at the IKEA which is close to the airport.  So I got a wonderful dose of Vitamin Z.  Except for being strapped up in the car seat, she was alert and smiley the whole time.

I did manage to stop the car seat crying by rocking the car seat.  And Z and I got to have our inter-generational conversation through intense eye contact, touching, babbling, rocking,  and just talking, with lots of smiles and some mischievous grandfatherly advice that her mom didn't seem to appreciate.  But that's between me and Z. 

It was very hard to say goodbye. 

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