Saturday, December 01, 2012

AIFF 2012: Vikram Dasgupta Talks About Calcutta Taxi

Gilles Guerraz, director of Lapse
I somehow latched onto the "Native Tongue" program and communicated with two of the four film makers.  There's a post with an overview of all four films.  And one with director Roozbeh Dadvand's (Mossadegh) email interview.  And I chatted with Gilles Guerraz* (Lapse)via Skype.  But I hadn't gotten hold of Calcutta Taxi's director and assumed it he wasn't coming.  But there he was.

They are all playing together
Saturday Morning at 
11 am 
at the Alaska Experience Theater.

And here's Vikram last night after Deadfall.  He was not excited about how close the camera was and when we tried to do it again at a quieter spot it wasn't as natural and he said ok.  He is right about the lighting.   But you get a sense of Vikram's energy and charm and the after film crowd at the Bear Tooth last night.  So, this is dedicated to his mom and his wife. 
*I have a lot of video of my chat with Gilles Guerraz. Too much video. I'll try to edit it and post a short bit of it before the film shows again next week.

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