Thursday, December 06, 2012

AIFF 2012: Dan Mirvish Created Eisenstadt - A Fake Journalist Who Leaked Palin's Africa Is A Country

Mirvish's fake McCain advisor leaker Martin Eistenstadt
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Between Us  film maker Dan Mirvish, it says in the Dan Mirvish Director's video,  is a shameless self-promoter.

I'd seen Between Us and liked it a lot and wrote a very positive if short review.  Dan saw it and emailed me and soon we were chatting over skype - some of which you can see below in the video.  He mainly talks about the film but mentions in the background creating Martin Eisenstadt, a character who admits to being the McCain staffer who leaked the story that Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country that MSNBC picked up as a real story.(Link goes to Martin Eistenstadt video.)

Between Us plays again Friday at 8pm at the Bear Tooth.  Go see it.

Some interesting points - the play the film is based on was in two acts:  1.  The midwest house and 2. the NY City apartment.  In the film they switch back and forth as both evenings unfold.  Falling off the ladder in the movie was inspired by Dan's falling off a ladder while remodeling and breaking his leg.

A part that I didn't get on video answered my question about the links to Virginia Wolfe.  He told me there is a whole genre of Virginia Wolfe movies that include two couples that argue, such as Polanski's Carnage.

This video is really long for me (17 minutes).  I finally decided to just let it run almost unedited.  I don't see my role here as producing video as entertainment, but as documentation.  So I don't want to cut out some part that might be important to someone researching Mirvish in 20 years when he's a household name, and he will be if he keeps this up.  


  1. Wow. That really kind of changes things in the world of Palin-bashing. I don't respect Sarah Palin, but no one should have to be the victim of lies. He may think he's clever with what he did, but it's really not funny. It also now casts doubt on other accusations about her. Whether they are true or not, she now has historical proof that people just make stuff up about her.

    1. Anon, As I understand it, the story came out about Palin saying Africa was a country from an anonymous source. Dan didn't lie about the comment - that was out there. He simply made up the character Martin Eisenstadt who 'admitted' being the anonymous source. It was a spoof on unidentified sources. I don't think they expected the media to believe it. So it spoofed both anon sources AND media lack of fact checking.

    2. Google it. It came from inside the campaign (McCain-palin) and was reported by Fox, Hot Air lots of Con news.

      This guy is, I guess trying to take credit for it.

    3. Thanks for the explanation, Steve and Anon5:42. Guess it spoofed me too.

    4. Anon 5:42pm. I guess that's one way to look at it. As I understand it, it was an unidentified McCain staffer. People were trying to figure out who it was so they just made up this character who took credit. If you look at the linked video - The Pundit - it's obvious this is a spoof.

  2. She said it. She believed it. She is a conniving, greedy, hateful woman. And I agree,
    people shouldn't be judged by lies, but if you watch her on Fox, or read a transcript, that is how she lives. She lies about the President, Congress, or her current target. It sells; she does it. She gets no sympathy from me...she couldn't even admit that just maybe those targets were targets and just maybe, they were inappropriate. And I know, Palin fans, the DCCC used something similar, but gee, nobody on the right has been shot. And yes, it is inappropriate no matter who does it.


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