Tuesday, December 04, 2012

AIFF 2012: Go Ganges - Respectfully Irreverent Trip Down The Ganges

Somewhere in the film Go Ganges, JJ says something like, "At some point you just have to accept all the confusing differences and embrace them and then it's wonderful."  (That was a very rough paraphrasing.)

It's that willingness to go with the flow, to be curious about India, to try to understand some Hindi and to get permission from the holy man and from the river itself before taking off on their adventure,  that both allows them to have thoroughly enjoy themselves in the often difficult conditions of India and to make a movie that reflects their affection for the country.  Doing some yoga and learning some Hindi is one level of commitment, but when you put a plastic tube up your nose and pull it out your mouth, you show you're willing to go the extra kilometer. 

And knowing that, their humor - most aimed at themselves - is warm and friendly.  This is a wonderful way to see India and to see how audacious ideas which seem crazy to normal folks aren't necessarily crazy. 

A delightful sequel to Paddle to Seattle and good for the whole family.

It shows again Saturday at 4pm at the Alaska Experience Theater.  This is definitely a feel good movie.

Here are JJ and Josh answering questions after the film:

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