Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AIFF 2012: Friends of Film Head Bob Sharka Visits Festival

The first night of the Festival as I ran into a guy near the ticketing in just a polo shirt.  It was about zero outside and the chill was coming in through the doors.  Since I'm trying to spot the visiting film makers, I looked at him and with a smile asked, "You're from out of town right?"  He introduced himself as Bob Sharka from LA, from Friends of Film.

A few days later, after the film El Estudiante, I ran into him again and got a chance to find out what he was doing up here.  By the way, he was more appropriately dressed for cold weather too.

Did you hear how he completely avoided that last question? He clearly doesn't want to say anything bad about the local movies and he didn't miss a beat as he said so without actually saying it. A born salesman. I'm going to follow up with him when I visit my mom in LA to see first hand what the organization does. Here's a link to the Friends of Film website if you want to know more about them.

I thought I had something up on El Estudiante, a wonderful Mexican film about a seventy year old who returns to college that involves students putting on a play on Don Quixote and very positive old and young relationships. 

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