Sunday, December 09, 2012

AIFF 2012: Live Blogging Awards - UPDATED

7:19 The musicians are gone and they are setting up the stage.
Matt Jardin and Harvey Hubbell from Disleksia the movie with OA staff
Carl and Nathan Weber - Alaska Tier 2 Zombie Hunter

Linda Beja and Jon Benedict - Snowdance Programers
Keith Reimink - No Horizon Anymore South Pole
Folks waiting for the Awards to begin

I'm at the Organic Oasis waiting for the awards ceremony (a rather inflated word for what they do here) to begin.  It's going on 7pm and should be starting soon.    There won't be a live feed, but I'll just keep updating as things happen starting a little after 6pm Alaska time.  I suspect the awards won't be given out until about 7pm.  Then I'll post as things happen.

But last night they showed the Quick Freeze movies - had to be done in three days and somehow include 'duct tape,' 'sunrise,' and 'hostess.'

I've got video of the Quick Freeze Awards from last night and I'll add it here as soon as it finishes uploading and downloading.

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