Thursday, September 01, 2011

Poop, Swoop, Can Weird Be Cool, and other Google Searches

Watching how people get to this site offers an interesting view of how people search Google (and other search engines) and how Google handles them. Some of the more recent ones are below.  For previous posts on google searches click here.

the millions sank awestruck in the dust
-This person got to  Susan and William Goldenberg Make Stunning Music a brother and sister team who had reminded me of another couple making music together in Richard Musil's The Man Without Characteristics. So I had a paragraph from the book that began with "The millions sank, as Nietzsche describes it, awestruck in the dust."  I'd say this person found what they were looking for.

pennsylvania had to endora, sorry, endure this lady in 1972 - Who says civility is dead?  This searcher (why do I think it's a woman?) even apologized to Google and corrected herself. I have no idea if she found the scurge of Pennsylvania. She got to Famous People Born in 1908, so maybe.

half moon bay beach - I've gotten this a couple of times recently.  I have pictures of Half Moon Bay beach on this post and this one in moonlight.   But they get sent, instead, to this post of Venice Beach, which does mention Half Moon Bay.  Google, why isn't there an easy way for me to tell you that you sent them to the wrong page?  I've since linked from the Venice post back to the actual Half Moon Bay beach posts.

can weird be cool - got this lucky searcher to a post on Strange,Weird, Wonderful, and Cool, Buildings.  Perhaps the title answered the question.

aiff 2010 film festival scam? - Google, sometimes you exasperate me. I have posts about the aiff film festival scam.  More than one. With scam in the title. And usually you send people to a film festival post that at least mentions 'scam.' But this poor reader was sent to a post of AIFF 2010 Features in Competition which doesn't mention or link to a post with the the scam aspects. Why?   BTW, The Anchorage International Film Festival is legit, and weird and cool, but not the other AIFF which has changed its name to AIFA.

clearing customs in anchorage alaska flying from lower 48 - The same way you clear customs flying from New York to LA.  Oh dear.  There are still people who don't know that Alaska is in the United States.  On the other hand, when traveling overseas where Americans aren't too popular, we can say we're Alaskans and we're always welcome.  They got Flying to Light - From Seattle to Anchorage.  That said, you can go through customs in Anchorage if you are flying from overseas, but not from the Lower 48.

morning discovery i shouldn't be alive Now, that, with a little editing, would be a great first line for a novel, or at least a short story.  This searcher from India (using a computer set on US English) got to this photo of sunset on Chester Creek in an archive that included an energy conference and Bridgman/Packer.

what does poop look like in litter box - This isn't as dumb a question as it might appear.  They got to my post  kitty litter technology, who knew? which included pictures of what I figured out, eventually, were clumps of cat piss, not poop. 

 money for being born in alaska - Let's get this clear.  There isn't money for being born in Alaska.  There is money - Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends - for people who live in Alaska and intend to stay indefinitely (ie - have no plans on moving away.)  The person got to a previous Google searches post where I'd highlighted someone asking a similar question, and then linked to Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Application Time.

Horse diagram from an Oklahoma State website

where's mane on the map  - I'm sorry, I can't resist.  (click to make the image clearer) Strangely, the searcher got a map of Africa.  I've noticed, as a searcher, that Google gives you lots of choices of images, so I assume people might check out something different from what they were looking for. Is that serendipity or Attention Deficit Disorder?

hulling rice in a thai village - Usually Google does a pretty good job, as it did here. This searcher got to pictures of an old and a newer rice huller in this post  (Sustainable Farming The Old Fashioned Way - Karen Village)  at a Thai village.

how to wash a white rooster -  No laundering instructions, but this person got to a post called Swinging Bulbul and White Rooster.  There's a  video of the bulbul swinging in the tree outside our Chiang Mai apartment window in 2008 and a photo of a white rooster I passed daily on my ride to work. 

what does swoop mean in todays facebook languages - Six Books:  Media, Ethics, Balance and Language, which has the words 'swoop,' 'facebook,' and 'language'  but doesn't answer the question.  (I checked and the online slang dictionary says, in a 2000 posting, that swoop means:
to take something or somebody from someone.
  I swooped on your girlfriend.

The Source for Youth Ministry Slang Dictionary gives it a little more positive meaning:
swoop me up
1. requesting someone to pick you up in their car.  "Swoop me up for school in the morning." 
 The Urban Dictionary in its definition for the verb 'to ninja' echoes the first definition:
14. v. the act of stealing, swooping, or snaking something. usually the person who has been ninja'd upon does not realize it for a little while, and then they are mad when they find out that something of theirs has been ninja'd.
Hey man you ninja'd my chair. Why the hell did you ninja my book, Jordan?
Does this answer the question? 

I've never thought about it before, and I'll check, but I'm guessing the reason there are no capital letters or question marks is that Sitemeter simplifies things.  Sitemeter is how I see all these search terms and much more.  You can see what Sitemeter  tells me at the Sitemeter link in the right hand column below "Blogs of Friends and Acquaintences." Click on the number.  Because I believe in transparency, I've left the data available to anyone.

Enjoy your day and reflect on how you phrase your searches and what you get.

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