Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Interesting Google Searches

It used to be that sitemeter would take me to the google page the searcher found and I could see the hits and the other sites the searcher found as well. It also hightlighted the words in each post that were in the search terms. But now I just get sent to the page - or photo if it's an image search - they found. So I have less information about why or how they got here.

But here are some search terms - mostly google - that got people here, my thoughts, and where google delivered them. 

we seen a pigeon egg on the floor what should wed do? - This Manchester searcher got to post on pigeon eggs in a nest in Juneau that had been blocked off, but probably didn't answer the question. Clearly though, one pigeon egg is too small for an omelet.

moral mushrooms
- Got them to an archived post on mushrooms, but I'm not sure how moral any of them were. And there wasn't even a morel among them.

colorado house eating tiny insects - OK, so does this mean a Colorado house that is eating tiny insects? Or a house-eating tiny insects? I just got it. Termites. In any case, he got to my post on fruit flies or fungus gnats.

boat powered by a chainsaw The Slovakian searcher got to a post on the Anchorage Weekend Market which included a picture of chainsaw art. But I think using a chain saw to power a boat is much more creative.  (A Canadian has a YouTube up of this 4 foot R/C motor boat powered by a chain saw if you really need to see one, but don't go here unless you're really, really interested.)

how compatible are 5 jan 1982 and 19 nov 1990 born
- Eight years apart. Not too bad. But this Australian inquiry didn't get the answer on my post on people born in 1910.

bill allen alaska democrat
- Maybe this is totally innocent, but I can't help conjuring up an image of Southern Conservatives (this came from Rocky Mount, North Carolina) turning Allen into a Democrat to show how depraved we are. There's nothing in my post about the sex charges against Allen being dropped that mentions either Republicans or Democrats. The ADN story the post links to does say,
"And he and other officials of Veco Corp. were some the most important sources of campaign contributions for the Alaska Republican Party and its candidates."
But the searcher didn't use the link to read the original.

ufo files denali state park 2009
- I didn't know Denali State Park was a UFO hotspot.  My pictures were from June this year so it never got dark.  But why shouldn't UFO's come by in the day too?  I should have been looking up instead of down at the flowers.  In any case, Google got the searcher to an archive page that came up blank when I searched it for "denali'.

what is jury meandering - Is this where the jury gets bored and they start wandering around the courtroom? This got to a post titled 'meandering' but nothing with a jury in it. Was this supposed to be jury tampering?  Jerrymandering?

art of cloud scavenging women - This Norwegian searcher got to this picture of a lost cloud poster.

unnoticeable earth quack -There's a lot of these characters walking around, but you can't tell since many look like honest citizens.  Anyway, this person got to a post on a noticeable earthquake in Anchorage.

what do americans call rapeseed oil - Got to a post titled, can you guess? What Do Americans Call Rapeseed? This ones from Prescot, Lancashire, UK.  Sometimes people get a bulls eye.

what do americans call sex - another Brit got to the same place.

headline sept 2008 bailout
-got this image from Sept. 2008.

is the family doomed - Someone in Cambridge, MA wanted to know and got to my affirmative post - The Family is Doomed.


in idaho about how many people know what a blog is - The only logical conclusion they can come to from the post they got is: none. This was called Does Idaho Exist - Why Everyone Should Study Philosophy? And the answer was no.


on 12th near commercial drive vancouver tree with red leaves and white seeds flowers in fall - Wow, someone is googling to find out about a specific tree in downtown Vancouver. And the person got this picture, which looks like red leaves, but I think it was a flower from tree at Wat Pa Dara Phirom north of Chiang Mai.  The picture, in this case, has three of the words in the search terms - red tree flower. And they probably caught Vancouver from one of the archived titles.

wrapping japanese - I knew immediately what post they got to - one on Japanese cloth gift wrapping techniques.  And I assume that is what they were looking for.  But the image of someone wrapping up a Japanese man did flash through my head.  And then I saw on stage a group of Japanese rappers.  I'll assume they found what they were looking for.

i was born in alaska can i get the permanent fund money - This googler from a computer in O'Fallon, Illinois wants in on Alaska's oil money.  Being born here isn't enough.  You have to live here.  Mostly.  She got to a post about filing for an application.

opera house in oslo frozen ice -  OK, so googling is something you do in the privacy of your own computer and you don't have to be perfect.  But 'frozen ice'?  As opposed to the unfrozen kind?  Let's give the person a break.  It was from Oakland, California where they never see ice outside the freezer.  The person got to my post on the Norwegian Carl Nesjar's ice sculpture in Anchorage.  (I better check and see if I wrote 'frozen ice.' Whew! I didn't.)

killer bugs a power stamp nasty thorms and im using them - This came from a computer in Tel Aviv.  I'm sure it made sense to the searcher.  He got to a post that did have some nasty thorns, but I'm not sure about the rest of what he was looking for.
if u were born in 1909 in diead in 1920 how long ago was that - This one leaves me pretty much speechless.  But Google got this person to a post about people asking how old they would be if they had been born in 1909.

what is alaska's daylight in years -  I don't think this is like "what is Alaska's size in square miles."  Maybe someone else can deconstruct what this person wanted to know.  This surfer got to a page on Alaska's failed bill to end daylight savings time.  Another hint from sitemeter - the location is listed as City:  APO  State:  Armed Forces Pacific.  Maybe it's a soldier who was just assigned to Alaska, or considering Alaska, as a next posting.
caution paradigm invisible  - This is just an interesting thought.  I'd like to talk to this searcher to see what the person was thinking.  The result may or may not have been helpful:
Who Cut Off That Invisible Hand: Paradigm Outsiders Needed in Financial Crisis

sex drive shoe tree - some search terms exhaust even my fairly flexible imagination. Google directed this person to an archive page of posts in August 2008. There are three instances of the word drive. There's a 'shoe tree', but no sex.

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