Friday, May 06, 2011

Willie Hensley Testifies

Anchorage audio
Kenneth Evan Beetle?? - District 21 - strongly disagree with the way my district is cut up. pushes the boundaries of District 21 into Muldoon and 19 and tragic situation with military bases.  I have 2 sons in military bases - the way it pushes to military bases we have transient votes.  But other end goes to - my house is about $230,000 - and other end is $300-400,000 houses in ER.  Totally opposed.

Bruce Schulte - South Anchorage - will confine my comments to there.  Initial 2 options.  boundaries cut through neighborhoods, don't follow geographic, physical boundaries, both separate Oceanview and Southside - so similar should be joined. Am fan of latest AFFER plan.  Appeal is the boundaries follow campbell creek, Seward Hwy.  Don't cut through neighborhoods unnecessarily.  Combine Oceanview and South??

Don Gray from District 7 Fairbanks (audio) In favor of what NSB mayor testified.  To make a few substantive changes in districts as they exist now.  Realizing changes have to be made.  If they aren't broken.  Don't try to fix them.  Tweak what is needed.  Don't politically play.  Some will be Democratic others Republican, that's just where people live.  Appreciate the efforts you have made.  Thank you for your work

David (Anchorage in person) Pruse?  District 10 downtown Fairbanks.  I've already testified what I want.  Took Lameda section - NW corner and put it into D9 which you should have been.  Then shifted us from Dennis Road to Lackload Road.  Based around Ft. Wainright.  Being born and raised there.  Feels right.  Rep. by Sen Pasqvan - you kept both of them together.  In Fairbanks people made disparaging comments.  Sorry.  We're better than that.  Describe Fairbanks.  in center.  Go to Ester far left - to Salch far right.  You did a good job overall. You know the demographics better than I don.

Torgerson:  I'd like you to give your testimony all over again. 

Willie Hensley - Shocked at how fast this is going.  Chair of First Alaskan Institute.  Views not my own.  Taken role in educating Native people in the process.  Day is long and pressure heavy.  I've done this in past.  I participated as voter in Alaska's first election.  Our people in those days had no voice.  My grandfather couldn't vote in territories because he was Native.  Little Natives could do to influence public policy.  No Dogs or Native sings were up still in 1940s.  We've made great progress.  facilities we have could not then be imagined.  In 1966 when I took office we'd lost senate seats, down to two seats.  The old ice block had disappeared.  Virtually no representation at Constitutional Convention - one of 55.  To me as participant in political process since 1960s I believe if you work hard enough you can change things for the better.  Despite huge districts in the early days, State did respond. Better schools, water, airports, unviersity.  Divisive issues like land claims.  We got through that. Pipeline, D2. Permanent fund.  Native Alaskans chose and want to be involved.  Rather than be forced by VRA to do it a certain way.  We should say we can do better than that.  Consider districts for districts for Alaska Natives to have fair representation.  Work you are doing is particularly important because issues will escalate in difficulty and complexity.  We have lived in time of plenty with oil money.  Future could hold a much different picture.  Incumbent all Alaskans have a voice i good and bad times.  Your role in selecting Native districts is critically.  It will enable them to continue to have a voice in the future.

Torgerson:  that's all we have - wait someone else?

Lora  Reinbold Representing ER and have looked at most of the maps.  The one the makes the most sense is AFFER.  Especially District 17 and 18.  It seems the most realistic of ER.  Military integral part of our life.  I deal with 50% in high school in ER.  Only think I'd ask you to consider.  Students do go to ER high school from military.  People in ER are unique and have unique needs.  Reps have to be uniform so we can have good representing.  We can't meet with people in Hope and Basher. 

3:48pm Jeff Jacobson (audio) - was mayor of North Pole.  Was surprised the two boqrd options carved up our community.  Such large districts that would dilute our representation.  connecting us with parts of state that connects us with people with little common with us.  I like the Rights Coalition and the Fairbanks plan which makes natural district. 

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