Monday, May 09, 2011

Our Tulips Got Moosed Up

Our tulips disappeared some time in the last few days.  There are remnants left.

But a moose clearly found them tasty.  I watched once from inside the house as a moose, two feet away on the other side of the glass snacked on one flower after another.

I didn't see it happen this time, just the remnants. There weren't any flowers yet.  

In this case it even pulled the whole plant out, bulb and all.  I guess the bulb isn't as tasty as the greens.  

There is evidence in the yard that moose were here, though this pile is among half a dozen that the melting snow revealed  and isn't from the tulip tasting party.  


  1. Ah, Big Wild Life!

    It was sad/funny for me when today a columnist wrote of someone caught as 'a rabbit in the headlights'. Don't have deer here, really -- long ago hunted out.

    Things I miss.

  2. I think you should name the first calf you see Tulip.

    And, boy, is your site running slowly.

  3. Probably the same grumpy self-serving beast that chased me on that bike ride back in 2008.



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