Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Redistricting Board Getting Modern

The Alaska Redistricting Board sent out emails Monday afternoon announcing that their meetings will be available online (they've been doing this already) and via GoToMeeting.  They started using GotoMeeting last week, but I think it was limited to board members calling in from out of Anchorage.  Or maybe I missed this happening last week. 

Gotomeeting will allow people to follow the map manipulation*.  This is a giant step forward in public access for the board, though it is limited to the first 100 people.

*I'm using this word in the positive sense as in (from MacMillan Online Dictionary):
2.  the process of skilfully handling, controlling, or using something
Scientists are attempting, by genetic manipulation, to produce more effective vaccines.
4.  COMPUTING: the process of changing, correcting, or moving information stored on a computer
Tuesday's meeting begins at 2pm.
  • In person at 411 W. 4th Avenue, Suite 302
  • Online at AlaskaLegislature.tv
  • For GoToMeeting  -  The id necessary isn't available as I write this, check the Board's Website. (right hand column under Webinar Access.)  [UPDATE June 1:  The ID changes every day it seems.  It's best to go to the Board's website and link from there than depend on me keeping the ID current here.  Here's the link for June 1.  They're supposed to be in executive session at 10am and have their open meeting begin at 11am]

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