Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alaska Redistricting Board: Live Streaming of Meetings And Updated Website

I subscribe to the Alaska Redistricting Board emails.  (Anyone can here.)  Friday I got one which announced that the meetings next week will have live audio streaming.  This means that people can listen in on the discussions on their computers from wherever they are and across the state.  Some past meetings have been available statewide.  The initial board meeting, as I recall, was delayed because of problems with the statewide audio feed.  The two statewide public testimony held in the Anchorage LIO were available statewide.  And at least one Juneau public hearing was broadcast as video and audio. 

Update:  Live Streaming of May 16-20 Alaska Redistricting Board Meetings 
Anchorage, AK - The Alaska Redistricting Board today announced that it will provide live audio streaming of scheduled Board meetings for May 16-20, 2011 via

Detailed information about all Alaska Redistricting Board meetings and events can be accessed at

All Board meetings are public meetings and anyone needing special accommodations is requested to call (907) 269-7402 or email

The Alaska Redistricting Board is responsible for redrawing Alaska's legislative election districts every ten years after the federal Census.  For more information about the redistricting process in Alaska, please visit  



Taylor Bickford, Assistant Director
Phone:  (907) 269-7402

The board's website has also been updated.  The "History" and "Media Center" tabs have been removed and replaced with "Draft Plans" and "Archive."

Draft Plans tab has the

  • district and regional maps, GIS, and population data for Option 1 and Option 2  
  • Reports, maps, and/or Population and GIS data (not all groups submitted all items) for each of the private plans:
    • Alaskans for Fair Redistricting (AFFR is an Alliance of Union and Native organizations)
    • Alaskans for Fair and Equitable Redistricting (AFFER is headed by Republican Party chair)
    • Rights Coalition (Democratic Party)
    • Alaska Bush Caucus 
    • City and Borough of Juneau
    • Bristol Bay Borough
    • City of Valdez
These are plans submitted March 31, but not the revised plans submitted May 6, 2011.

Archive tab has agendas and audio tapes for most of their
All the Plans have been up since right after they were submitted.  Some of the audio has been up already too, but there are fewer missing meetings now, it appears. 

Click on image to go to Board Webpage
The Board also now has a window on the front page (right hand column below "Public Comment") that lists the dates and times of their scheduled meetings.  This improves the ease for people trying to find out the next meeting.  And with the audio streaming of these meetings makes access to what the board is doing easier for people across the state.  Clicking on each meeting gives more information, though they are still having trouble with the linked Google maps.  To my knowledge, the meetings will be at their office:

411 West 4th Avenue, Suite 302
Anchorage, AK 99501

Their Facebook page has also been updated.

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