Saturday, May 21, 2011

LA Times Reports New Zealand Has Calm Rapture

This all could be laughed off as an item from News of the Weird, except a significant number of people have been listening to Camping, and some of them actually vote in elections. From the LA Times:

As New Zealand and other areas in the Pacific Ocean passed the May 21, 6 p.m. local time unscathed, despite predictions by Harold Camping that the hour would signal the beginning of the end of the world, many seemed to breathe a public sigh of relief -- some tongue-in-cheek and others more seriously -- on Twitter and other social media forums.

Although it was not the first time Oakland-based Camping, 89, forecast the apocalypse, this date marked the most attention-grabbing of his doomsday predictions. The unprecedented publicity was spurred by a worldwide $100-million campaign of caravans and billboards, financed by the sale and swap of TV and radio stations.

Meanwhile the New Zealand Harold doesn't seem to have anything on the topic. Thank you New Zealand for not paying attention at all.


  1. I read that he said Greenwich time, so there are still 35 minutes back.

  2. We won't have only this economy class, but I realised when he mentioned Marx that he was biased. I had microeconomy, budget classes and I will have: environmental economics, production management, environmental management, regional economy, econometrics, international economy and a class about the economy of local governments. I am reading your article right now.

    Mankiw indeed put a great emphasis on the natural rate of unemployment (Philips curve for example), but the other book is quite the same, the balances aer different. There are 3 groups: one with ca 30 people, and two with ca 250 people. I am in the small one and the big ones use an other one and it is not so much different. It is for only the "basics", I guess later on we will learn other things. We will have sucject like theory and economy history.

    And a small criticism to those students who protested: you don't need to learn the most advanced things in an introduction class and I think Mankiw's book has a lot to teach regardless it's political ideology.

    My teacher loves it because it has the Solow growth model in it while other books miss it.

  3. Ropi, I think it's less confusing to readers of both this blog and yours, if you respond to comments on your blog, on your blog. To readers of this blog, I responded to a post Ropi did about a book he has in his intro to economics class at his university in Budapest.

    Ropi, your last point about deeper in other classes misses the point that the intro class is, for many students, the only econ class they will ever take.


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