Friday, May 06, 2011

Calista Stresses Cultural Heritage - Supports AFFER Plan

Last presentation - Calista Corporation

Martha Davis and Andrew Guy

Guy:  Thanks for letting us speak.  Yupik people in this area face many challenges in YK Delta.  Described as still living in 3rd world conditions - no running water.  How important reapportionment is to us.  Boundaries should not be drawn to damage rural house districts.  We understand that DOJ do not distinguish between different cultures.  Do not understand our need to preserver our culture and language.  This board cannot ignore DOJ rules.  Thus you must find boundaries that will meet DOJ mandates.  You have heard AFFER plan.  We support this plan as the districts are compact.  However, AFFER if there is no acknowledgment of??? if DOJ says there must be nine districts, then we support AFFER plan.  4 majority house 10-7, two min 2/6   One challenge is that urban Fairbanks district has five and one must be paired in non-contiguous senate district.
Therefore we offer a third option.  Another 9 native district.  All house districts paired in contiguous matter.  Bush caucus put together.
Restores to D7
Tyonek and?  into 6.
You can see great care taken to honor native boundaries.
9 Bering Straits and most of Doyon
6 BB and Aleut region
5 Coastal Kodiak and Chugiak
1-4 SeaAlaska Region
Most of the Native Corps are in single districts.
Only Anchorage divided into many districts.
Stand in place of local boundaries.
Necessary to extend beyond in some instances - long east west distances, but only if consolidate villages into one voice.....
Honor ANCSA boundaries

If AFFER doesn't meet DOJ approval, then we offer this plan.

White:  Southeast - it would mean does not pair Native?  District 4 all within the borough of Juneau?  Yes.  Borough boundary of Juneau only broken once.  That's where 2 comes in.

Davis:  Blow up of Juneau shows in clear detail. ....
Thank you Mr. Guy.
Torg. We'll stand at recess until 2pm

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