Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wales 6

I'm still trying to catch up with the reports of the Wales/Nome trip. Last Saturday, while we were walking, Tony went out and caught a salmon for dinner.

Here's the group filling their plates. Catherine had shipped in a lot of food and we had a nice mix of local and outside food for our meals.

Then the drumming practice began. The Kinggikmiut Festival will bring drummers from different villages to Wales later this year. Writing workshop participants were proud of the young drummers and dancers who were maintaining the local traditions.

One former Wales resident, who is now an engineer in New York State, was visiting and getting video of the drumming and dancing.

They told us the drummers could make the sun shine, and the only time we saw the sun in Wales was that evening toward the end of the drumming.

And I couldn't help notice the back of this sweatshirt from one of Wales' residents who had on a World Eskimo - Indian Olympics sweatshirt.

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