Monday, July 09, 2007

Anderson Response

From ADN Politics blog:

"I'm devastated," Anderson said after the verdict was announced. He said he'd appeal.

"The prosecution has criminalized being a legislator over this past year. And I think I fell victim to that," he said.

Sentencing was scheduled for Oct. 2.

His family, including his wife, state Sen. Lesil McGuire, who was not accused of wrongdoing, were not present for the verdict. Anderson said they couldn't get to the downtown Anchorage courthouse in time after it was announced the jury had reached a verdict.

Steve Heimel's had some audio report with quotes from Anderson is this evening, but it's not yet up on the APRN site. But you can check and see if it's up. It says pretty much the same that Lisa Demer's ADN pieces above says.

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