Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wales 5

Joan and I took a walk on Saturday afternoon along the beach to see the sculpture on the hill. There were several nets drying on the beach.

Here I'm starting up the hill at the end of the beach looking north, we can see the south end of Wales.

The hillside is lushly covered with green stuff.

Here, again, looking north from the hillside we can see the village of Wales from the south. The sculpture was created by Joe Senungetuk, the organizer of the workshop, in memory of his brother Skip. He worked on this with sculptor David Barr from Michigan. Barr's website has a little more on the sculpture:

Arctic Arc consists of two sculpture installations at sites on the Bering Sea (Naukan, East Russia and Wales, Alaska) which are sites of the first human migrations into North America. The sculptures are a peaceful symbol for a border of international tension.

This is the inscription.

A tractor slowly disappearing on the beach.

On the way back we saw a snow bunting, a bird I hadn't ever seen before.


  1. Large amounts off driftwood there does it cause problems for shipping?

  2. Mirk, This is on the Bering Sea. Just south of the Arctic Circle. The village of Wales has 150 people, so there isn't much shipping. There are some barges that bring fuel mainly. Local folks have boats for fishing and hunting. Ice goes out a couple of miles in the winter, the global climate change is making that ice come later, leave sooner, and it doesn't get as thick.

  3. Steve, I like the Snow bunting! Dianne


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