Sunday, July 15, 2007

GRRRR! Youtube Quality destroys Salmon Video

Took Beth (who's visiting from Texas) to Campbell Creek as the rain mostly ended Friday afternoon. Salmon were making their way up the creek and they are red enough at this point that this one showed up pretty well in the video I took. But saving it in a format small enough for Youtube made this all but unviewable. But I've been playing with it for so long I'm going to put it up anyway in hopes that someone can suggest a better way to save it or a better video host than youtube. (I saved it from i-movie. The best quality was 332 MB - too big for youtube. The next best was 12mb - that's the one you see here. Pretty awful. Not only does the crystal clear water water look muddy, you can barely see the fish until near the end.)

1 comment:

  1. Definitely grrr to Youtube.
    I suspected you might have this problem and in my reply to your comment on "eejit does it again" I left a suggestion about 12 hours ago a wee bit late it appears but I hope it helps!


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