Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nome Detour

Flying into Nome - Bering Strait [Norton Sound on the Bering Sea] in the background.

Kim, the workshop facilitator, has a brand new Mac Book so I can keep blogging as long as we have internet connections. Here he is as our luggage gets moved to the Bering Air office.

We checked in, got all our luggage weighed, sat and talked, before finding out that it was foggy in Wales and that we couldn't take off.

Bering Air's bus took us to the Airport Cafe in town which looks like hip coffee shop anywhere for lunch.

Downtown Nome sits right on the Bering Strait.

Then we walked into town to visit Faith's library. Faith is one of the group members who works for the Reindeer Bridge Project, to draw the connections among the Arctic Indiginous peoples who herd reindeer.

Every hour Catherine calls the Bering Air office to see if we can fly.

Right now we're in the visitors center and Catherine is calling places to stay. The weather is lifting somewhat here in Nome. Four o'clock call was a no-go. If we can't fly out at 5pm, we spend the night in Nome.

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